Too Many Projects, Not Enough Blogging

So I’m kind of unfocused and jumping from project to project lately…

I also don’t know what to write for a blog when I’m not writing something akin to a tutorial, but I don’t think I know enough about what I’ve been doing lately to teach anyone else. o.O;

I did finish the basket, and it came out a weird shape that I wasn’t really planning on, so I made another, smaller, one to be the sewing basket. It’s closer to the shape I wanted but smaller than I had planned. The first one is a good basket for yarn though.

I also knotted a string of pearls with coral beads, and played with a Raspberry Pi a little. (I’m not sure what I’m ultimately going to do with the Pi, yet).

I think I need to plan out some more posts and work toward the goal of doing projects step by step.


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