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The Great Destashing

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Ok, so I haven’t written for a few days. I have finished some digital goods for sale (and remembered that I should post links to my shops here, if only to show what I’m up to, so I’ll post them at the bottom).

Mostly though, my week has looked like this:


So many buttons…

I’ve been going through all my craft supplies, sorting out what I’m going to keep into neat bins, and then packaging up the rest to throw into an Etsy store. I have a lot of craft supplies, a lot of the excess came from bulk orders I made online without realizing exactly how bulky they were! So yeah. That’s what I’ve been working on. Very little actual crafting, but much organization preparatory to crafting.

And digital “crafting” I guess. I made some maiko style flower kanzashi.

Digital hair decorations.

Digital hair decorations.

Here are my shops on SL, you can download a free viewer here if you’re curious.

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